Sunday fun day


Tips for grilling drumsticks.
Using some smart chicken, as opposed to the hormone injected stressed induced typical bird, my preference does yield to the latter.
Beef o Brady’s sauce, lemon juice, pepper and dried roasted garlic.
By experience,
As well when cooking over a grill using natural wood charcoal helps define the meal.
• Lights more quickly.
• Burns hotter, and allows one to  make a smaller or more spread-out fire than you would with briquettes.
• Imparts a purer, wood-fire flavor to foods.
In comparison,
coal briquettes
• Made from the sawdust of scrap wood (including resinous soft woods and composite woods).
• Combined with chemical binders and fillers and compressed into their characteristic pillow shapes.

• Burns cooler
• Burns more quickly, meaning a shorter window for grilling, or requiring that you add more during grilling.
• Smoke produced may be neutral at best and can contribute harsh and off-tasting flavors to grilled foods.



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