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Friends on Wednesday say the variations on tacos are limitless. Points led us to dark chicken tacos with bacon.
The difference is made in how the chicken is cooked.


Instead of frying and having soft shell tacos a slow marinated cut, with added seasoning, ranchero sauce, a little bit of chicken broth, diced green onions and using the remaining bacon’s fat oil determines the distinctive uniqueness.


The bacon is cooked slowly. When cooking bacon it’s best not to be in a rush.
Taste and flavor are enhanced with patience and bringing the water to boil, then add the appropriate amount of strips flip once, pull when ready, and diced at the time it’s  dry.


Raw green onions and the signature Cilantro are washed off with water and lemon juice due to its raw nature and human handling.



With a consideration to past events these tacos were deliciously enjoyable. The chicken wasn’t as spicy due to the broth as well as crunchy rather a succulent tender- contrast to fried chicken.
Along with the additions of a three cheese, lettuce, sour cream, bacon and cilantro inner stuffing these crunchy tacos break just the right way in your mouth.



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