Latin Shrimp

After peeling and cleaning the shrimp, bring water to boil and add raw fresh lemon and herbs-
Add shrimp to boiling water and cook for 3 minutes.
buttery flavor is pronounced without even adding any. This mirage is prepared with milk, olive oil, and freshly shredded garlic in a separate sauce pan.
Combine the drained cooked shrimp to the succulent sauce and cook for an additional 1~2 minutes.
Be mindful not to overcook as they will be very hard and stiff, while at the same time taking into consideration health code guidelines.
*especially with raw


Separately, chop an assortment of colored peppers along with onions (Juliana). Sauteed to your preference- ours leans towards less since the darker the veggie color the less nutritive value.


Lastly, green plantains, chopped in small circles followed by a deep frying in canola oil, until golden in color.
Place two sheets of paper towels on serving plate to absorb extra oil and all the while adding salt after removing so as to stick better.


Some of mine were overcooked but my tastes still accept it’s blackened flavor.



   As the coming months usher in the apex of the heat of the summer it is customary to serve white wines, with meals. As s well seafood is appropriately paired with whites.
The Vouvray, by Barton & Guestier (France 2012), has sweet after tastes
and a light full body.


The following meal was deliciously light and flavorful with a clinging desire to seconds. Apart from adding more processed foods like pasta or rice a slice of avocado or a Cesar salad might have added more depth to meal.



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