Merry Wine

To all the scepticism about aging wine over a decade the last words you’ll think is delicious. 

Thick in light aromas and filled with tannins, this earthy grape varietal from France encompasses the essence of the colour “purple”. In comparison this rustic higher shouldered merlot-like wine flows smoothly throughout all of our pallets. 

Don Miguel Gascón,

2003- Malbec,

opened 12/25/16-

        Cork completely came apart in a vertical triangular shape. Using a clean coffee aluminum filter the few pieces of cork were sifted. Using a coffee machine pot as a decanter the wine proved to be an exceptional addition to semi sweet to salty finger foods. In comparison to the cabernet sauvignon it resembled the complexity and smoothly wiped away any reservations one might have had about aged wine or malbecs. 


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